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Welcome to Shinobi Evolution! This site is a Naruto text-based RPG that focuses around customization and creativity. The world here is 200 years ahead of the Naruto universe, and some pretty exciting things have happened since then. The methods for creating jutsus has become extremely simplified, to the point where even genin can come up with their own techniques! Additionally, Orochimaru's research into genetic modification has become widely spread as well. Because of this, clans are no longer restricted to certain villages. In fact, there have been numerous ninja that have gained the power of multiple kekkei genkai. As a result of these changes, the world has fallen into an even more hostile, desperate state. Ninja struggle to improve themselves in any way possible, fearful that the next person they meet will be as malicious as the last. Your role at Shinobi Evolution is whatever you make of it; you can be the bringer of peace this world so desperately needs or the barer of chaos just waiting to set it off. But first thing's first, to get started, you need to decide what kind of character you want to make!

Click if you have no text-based RPG experience:
This site is a text-based role playing game. What that means is that you role play by making threads/posts and narrate your character's life. The most exciting part of this is combat, where you can detail every little move your ninja does so as to have complete control of the experience. In order to do any actual RPing, you will have to apply for a character first. That means reading the character rules, filling out the provided template, and posting it in the character section. Once approved (won't take more than a day or so), you can start RPing. You can also apply for jutsus, missions, items, and clans in the given sections, allowing you to customize your character in any way possible! The way you improve your character (increase your stats, learn jutsus, etc) is by training, which can be done simply by RPing and getting Skill Points for it. The more you play, the stronger you become!

Ninjas, for the most part, have super-natural bodies that are capable of exceeding what the normal human can do. Read up on how your ninja's body works here:


A shinobi isn't special just because of their physical prowess, however. They also know a number of different abilities that use chakra! Elements change the nature of one's chakra, whereas Specialties change the purpose.


Ninjas also belong to clans, and each clan has its own special ability (Kekkei Genkai). Here is where you will learn all you need to about them:


Now that you know what goes into a shinobi, it's about time you created one!


In order to train your character, you will have to participate in threads. The more training you do, the more you rank up!!


Once your ninja is created, they will need to learn some Jutsus in order to use in combat. These jutsu cost chakra, and the amount of chakra a shinobi has is based on rank.


In addition to jutsu, you can also use items in combat!


Some items/jutsus require special information, which can be found here:

Special Items
Medical Procedures
Dice Rolls

Now that your ninja is decked out, you can try going on some missions for harder training. Note that missions will offer rewards in addition to the skill points you get, however are often more dangerous than regular training.


Before you do any real combat, you may want to look at the combat rules. These are pretty standard, however important none the less.


And that's it! You are officialy up to speed with everything in Shinobi Evolution. The only thing left is to tell you where all of your character's information is held. You may remember Ninja Info Cards from the show, which we use here to catalog everything about your ninja. Here is a quick description about them:

Ninja Info Cards


Getting Started (For New Members) GYVwR6R
Strength :
Getting Started (For New Members) Left_bar_bleue100 / 500100 / 500Getting Started (For New Members) Right_bar_bleue
Endurance :
Getting Started (For New Members) Left_bar_bleue200 / 500200 / 500Getting Started (For New Members) Right_bar_bleue
Speed :
Getting Started (For New Members) Left_bar_bleue300 / 500300 / 500Getting Started (For New Members) Right_bar_bleue
Perception :
Getting Started (For New Members) Left_bar_bleue400 / 500400 / 500Getting Started (For New Members) Right_bar_bleue
Stealth :
Getting Started (For New Members) Left_bar_bleue500 / 500500 / 500Getting Started (For New Members) Right_bar_bleue

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