Yaso Papettomasutā WIP

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Yaso Papettomasutā WIP

Post by Deanmon on Wed Jul 29, 2015 5:26 am

Name: Yaso Papettomasutā

Home Country: Konohagakure (Hidden Leaf Village)

Rank: Genin

Age: 15 Years Old

Clan: Papettomasutā Clan

Focuses: What are your four starting Focuses (Specialties or Elements). You receive your clan's Kekkei Genkai in addition to these.

Appearance: What does your shinobi look like? It's usually easiest to work your way from head to toes with your description.

History: What is the history of your shinobi? Be sure to include where you were born.

Personality: What is your ninja like? What are their motivations? Fears? What are they passionate about?

Picture: A picture of your shinobi (find as close a match as possible)

Strength :
352 / 500352 / 500
Endurance :
455 / 500455 / 500
Speed :
231 / 500231 / 500
Perception :
155 / 500155 / 500
Stealth :
50 / 50050 / 500

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