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Rank Rules

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Ninja are naturally categorized by rank. All ninja start out at Genin (D) rank unless given special permission by an Admin to start at a higher one.

E- Academy
D- Genin
C- Chūnin
B- Tokujō (Special Jōnin)
A- Jōnin
S- Sannin
SS- Satoosa (Kage)
X- Kaminin

In order to rank up, you must have spend a sufficient amount of Skill Points (once you've used the listed amount, you will be automatically ranked up). Note that Skill Points are cumulative, so you do not start at 0 every time you rank up. These are the general requirements for ranking up, however they are flexible:

D- 1500 (Default)
C- 3000
B- 5000
A- 7500
S- 10500
SS- 14000
X- 18000

The amount of chakra a ninja has depends on their rank. Chakra is used for jutsus, items, and many other things. A ninja has a set amount of chakra that they start with at the beginning of each thread. Additionally, ninja restore chakra every post (cannot restore beyond their starting amount). This restoration rate, however, varies based on what the ninja is doing during their post. If the ninja uses chakra (for a jutsu, kekkei genkai, item, etc) or is engaged in strenuous activity (running around, hand-to-hand combat, etc) during their post, they will regain chakra at half their normal rate. Otherwise, they will regain chakra as normal. Ninja will regain this chakra at the beginning of their next post. For each rank, the amount of chakra a ninja has at the beginning of a thread/their normal restoration rate are as follows:

D- 750 chakra, restores 50 per post.
C- 1500 chakra, restores 100 per post.
B- 2500 chakra, restores 150 per post.
A- 3500 chakra, restores 200 per post.
S- 5000 chakra, restores 250 per post.
SS- 6500 chakra, restores 300 per post.
X- 8000 chakra, restores 400 per post.


Strength :
100 / 500100 / 500
Endurance :
200 / 500200 / 500
Speed :
300 / 500300 / 500
Perception :
400 / 500400 / 500
Stealth :
500 / 500500 / 500

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