Bounty on the Missing Nin (B-rank)

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Bounty on the Missing Nin (B-rank)

Post by Admin on Thu Jul 17, 2014 2:19 pm

Name: Bounty on the Missing Nin
Rank: B
Location: Settlements (Hostile)
Requirements: None
Reward: 200 Skill Points if killed. Food Pills and 50 Skill Points if captured.
Details: Several days ago, a Tokujou-rank shinobi fled our village with information regarding our black ops (Anbu) program. Due to the highly-sensitive nature of this data, we cannot allow this shinobi to escape. Your mission is to either capture or kill him. We would prefer the former, as it would allow us to further investigate the motive behind his betrayal and any damage caused by it. The shinobi was last seen heading towards a settlement on the outskirts of the country notorious for smuggling missing nin and other criminals across the border.

Name: Nobuo
Rank: B
Personality: Extremely confrontational: known to attack others on the slightest whim. He has a weak spot for women (particularly strong ones), and several kunoichi of the village have referred to him as a pervert. He was accused of rape once during his years as a Chuunin, but was let off due to mission complications that made details/evidence unclear.
Physical Description: 5'11", most of face concealed by thin mask/cloth, standard shinobi armor/clothing, very muscular (though not evident with armor on).
Combat Description: Nobuo is a highly skilled ninja, having achieved the rank of Tokujou due to his specialization in hand-to-hand combat. He has particularly high Strength, Endurance, and Speed, however lacks in both Stealth and Perception. He is well known for his swordsmanship, utilizing a custom-made tanto during most engagements and a custom-made katana only when he needs to.


Strength :
100 / 500100 / 500
Endurance :
200 / 500200 / 500
Speed :
300 / 500300 / 500
Perception :
400 / 500400 / 500
Stealth :
500 / 500500 / 500

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